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Scartek - English Version
Scartek - English Version Scartek - English Version Scartek - English Version Scartek - English Version Scartek - English Version Scartek - English Version Scartek - English Version Scartek - English Version Scartek - English Version Scartek - English Version Scartek - English Version Scartek - English Version Scartek - English Version Scartek - English Version

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If you are a screed worker, a tiler or a bricklayer, you’re going to discover a real revolution in your job for sure!

A ScarTek and a base point is all you need to level your  foundations with extreme precision and speed, reducing work time and increasing your profit margin. A product unique in the world, patented and guaranteed over time.

Applying this accessory to your levelling rod, you can quickly create a millimeter precision screed guide.

Available for 30x60 and 40x80 levelling rods (screed board), it will help you save time and effort on your next job!


How it works:

    • Mount your ScarTek on your favourite levelling rod

    • Set the required height by fixing the REGOLO with a screwdriver

    • Drag your ScarTek along the reference base edge.

    Get ready to discover the foundations revolution!


      With ScarTek you can level

      • Horizontally
      • Vertically
      • Close to small corners
      • With dummy frames and windows

      You can also use ScarTek to

      1. build a screed flush with the floor around a shower tray

      2. roll out the plaster vertically

      3. compensate for different thicknesses


      Do you need to move ScarTek from one levelling rod to another?
      It has never been so easy! You can put it on again in less than 10 seconds.
      You don’t need to mount and remove the ScarTek during your job. 
      Put the ScarTek on the levelling rod once and when you don’t need to level anymore, set to zero height and it will work as a simple cap.
      After the job is completed, it can be easily cleaned up ready for the next use.


      Why to choose ScarTek?
      Because it improves your work. With ScarTek you can prepare the foundations of a balcony or a floor getting the exact measure from the edge of the marble or other material to avoid errors.
      If the floor is higher than the edges it will lead to unesthetic results and could possibly be dangerous. On the other hand, if your floor is lower than the edges you will get water stagnation causing infiltrations and, in a short time, serious damage.

      Want more?
      ScarTek is cheap: it pays for itself in a  few hours of work!
      ScarTek is versatile: it can be mounted on a levelling rod you already have or quickly moved from one to another.
      ScarTek means quality: made of high quality thermoplastic polymers, it has low friction and high wear resistance.


      Key points

      Optimise your working time with ScarTek:

      • speed up jobs by improving precision and the quality of your work

      • reduce your work time and double your profit margin

      • avoid complaints for non-conformity

      • adjust height quickly and move ScarTek from one levelling rod to another.

      ScarTek is the perfect tool for building professionals.



      Example calculation based on the laying down of foundations for a 8 sqm floor, with three workers at a mean hour cost of 30 €/h.


      Do you own a building company?

      Imagine how much time your workers will save if they use this product and of course, what profits will follow.

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      Measures 30x60 40x80
      Color Blue-Violet/Graphite Gray
      Blue-Violet/Graphite Gray
      Box Color White background Black background
      Graph scale On 2 sides On 2 sides
      Total lenght 30x60x69 mm 40x80x77 mm
      Measures when inserted 30x60x38 mm 40x80x38 mm
      Support measures 28 mm 28 mm
      Min/max extension from 0 to 47 mm from 0 to 65 mm
      Composition POM POM
      Screws and bolts Galvanized metal Galvanized metal
      Barcode (EAN) 8057457043069 8057457044080